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Learn more about our in-house designers and how they can help you on your next project.

The Process of Design

1.   Research to  Ensure Compliance

with Franchise Standards

2.   Make Selections

3.   Send Samples

4.   Design Boards

5.   Floor  Plans, Sketches &   Renderings

6.   Submission   for Approval

7.   Finished Project





Paige is our Head Designer and has been with us for the past four years. Before she became "AmeriFabulous", Paige worked for the residential furniture giant Crown Mark of Houston, TX as their nationwide, go-to Showroom Designer and as a highly sought-after residential Interior Designer.  Her experience in both commercial and residential design makes her a perfect 10 for us and our clients.




Salem is our Associate Designer and the newest addition to our team.  She recently graduated at the top of her class from FTCC's reknowned Interior Design Program in Winston-Salem, NC.  She works proficiently in AutoCAD, SketchUp and Photoshop to help create custom designs for our clients!

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